Automatic biochemistry analyzer GBA-1000

This is a desktop automatic analyzer for biochemical research in medical and veterinary laboratories.

The analyzer has a compact size and the ability to make up to 100 samples per hour. Designed for laboratories with a small and medium flow of patients.

The analyzer performs all the programmed techniques for one sample. It has high accuracy and reproducibility. Auto calibration. The number of samples on board is 5 or 9. It is controlled using the installed software and does not require additional use of a computer. The ability to integrate into LIS.

Suitable for determining the most common biochemical parameters.

Technical data:

Type of sampleswhole blood \ serum \ plasma \ urine
Sample volume2 - 50 μL, stepping at 0.1 μL
Samples5 or 9 on board. Primary tubes Ø12-13x70-100 mm or micro cup Ø12x37 mm
Reagent positions45 items
Reaction disc8 x 10 cuvettes
MethodsEnd-point, fixed-time, kinetic, turbidimetry
Dosing probeX-Y-Z movement, internal and external flushing, bubble removal, liquid level detection and anti-collision, mixing function
ThroughputUp to 100 tests/hr
Test listALT, AST, GGT, Alkaline phosphatase, direct and total bilirubin, Total protein, Albumin, Creatinine, Uric acid, Urea, Microalbumin (urine albumin), Total cholesterol, Triglycerides, HDL, LDL, Homocysteine, Glucose, Glycine heme.
SoftwareConvenient software, real-time display, automatic standby, support for the LIS communication system and barcodes, Levey-Jennings quality control graphs, urgent (STAT) analysis, built-in touch computer
Optical system9 filters 340 ~ 700 nm, absorption 0-4.8 Abs
Display10.4-inch color touch screen
PrinterBuilt-in thermal printer
Net weight35 kg
Dimensions540x328x515 мм