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BM Smart  Акція 358х170

Get a low-priced BM SMART hematologic analyzer! This compact hematologic analyzer allows you to measure up to 22 blood parameters in 60 seconds with minimal reagent consumption. Manufacturer Biomaxima S.A. Poland. 200 000,00 UAH. instead of 252,000.00 UAH. Details by phone + 38057-752-10-52.

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Gematology analyzer 5-Diff

kt6610-5 350х170

An innovative hematology analyzer with a large touch screen that measures 29 parameters, 4 scattergrams and 2 histograms KT-6610. The analyzer’s advantage is a small consumption of reagents (only 2 reagents on board), 60 samples in hour, 10 mkl sample and a screen 10,4 inches. One has only to try and release a laboratory without […]

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