New electrolyte analyzer EL-5!


For more than 10 years, a large number of our customers have known us for the supply of consumables to the electrolyte analyzer AEK-01 “Kver” and its service. But, finally, we offer you an electrolyte analyzer EL-5, which made in Ukraine. It is easy to operate, uses low cost reagents and has a separate connection […]

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Automatic gas, electrolyte and metabolite analyzers ECHSWEILER

combiline 3 351x170

German quality – 100% made in Germany. Fully flexible and economical blood gas analysis systems with advanced liquid calibration technology without gas cylinders, gas mixing device and external gas supply. Separate connection of each reagent, electrodes that can be serviced to increase the life of the work and save. Integrated quality control program. COMBI-line. COMBI-line […]

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Gematology analyzer 5-Diff

kt6610-5 350х170

An innovative hematology analyzer with a large touch screen that measures 29 parameters, 4 scattergrams and 2 histograms KT-6610. The analyzer’s advantage is a small consumption of reagents (only 2 reagents on board), 60 samples in hour, 10 mkl sample and a screen 10,4 inches. One has only to try and release a laboratory without […]

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