Equipment for electroforesis “SCAN-001”

Registration in the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine, Not measurement device.

Manufactured by “NPP Meandr” ltd., Kharkiv, Ukraine.

SCAN-001 is intended for electrophoresis of proteins, lipoproteins, hemoglobins variants researches and other analytes by electrophoresis on cellulose acetate membranes, or other mediums.
Analysis of acute-phase proteins in acute and chronic inflammation, disorders of protein synthesis in severe liver disease, proteinuria, diagnosis, pathology of lipid metabolism, immune deficiencies, paraproteinemia – this is not a complete list of the methods of SCAN-001.
A standard set of fractions in the study of proteins: Albumin, alpha 1, alpha 2, beta (beta1 and beta2), gamma globulins.

SCAN-001 allows the simultaneous separation of up to 24 samples. Features of SCAN-001 system provides quality, convenience, simplicity, security, economy of consumables, the working place and time. Software is intuitive, with all the necessary features for recognition, editing and retention of foregramm. For the user’s security, the electrophoresis camera automatically turns off the power to the electrodes when the lid is opened. Alphanumeric color coding makes it easy to use and prevents accidental errors. The power supply is equipped with a display, preloaded electrophoresis programs with tips system and simple controls.
The SCAN-001 device optimized electrophoresis procedure that facilitates and accelerates the analysis of the statement. The entire procedure takes about 1 hour.

SCAN-001 device comprises of: