Made in Ukraine by “NPP Meandr”,ltd.
Not measurement device.

Leukocytes counter 12 channels programmable was designed for counting the number of blood cells while microscope counting.

Specifications and features

Specifications and features:

Counter provides a calculation of 12 (twelve) channels of different types blood cells, and storage of the total result for all twelve channels.

Calculation is made by pressing on key that corresponds to the cell that is visually observed under a microscope, the value that is equal to the number of cells is counted at each time on the screen of counter. Also, by pressing the “%”, you can see the percentage of each channel to the total cell quantity at any time.

Counter allows you to set the amount of cell counting in the range of 50-950 cells

The device provides sound:

  • when you click on any key you hear a short click;
  • When you got total number of programmed cell (100-installed by the manufacturer), you’ll hear a long beep (about 2 seconds), at the time the counting process is blocked on all channels.


  • counting number of channels – 12
  • number of the indication channels – 13
  • the number of signs indicators – 29
  • maximum calculating number of cells – 950
  • power supply, V / Hz – 220/50
  • power consumption, VA – 1
  • overall dimensions , мм – 300×50×20
  • weight, kg – 0,15

Features of the counter:

    • lightweight, small, comfortable, simple counter allows you to immediately begin work without reading the instructions;
    • ergonomic key layout input in a one row allows you to conveniently place a hand on the table and make clicking fingers of the hand unlike keyboards with several rows of keys (eg “calculator” type) in which you have to keep up your hand to make keystrokes, that is leading to a rapid tired of personnel;
      • displaying results of all channels on the counters window (including percentage), combined with bright LED indicators for clear and readable information and rapid assessment leukocyte formula even in bright sunlight;
    • maintaining of basic keys chain of the same as in the counter SL-1, which has long remained the only device of this type makes identical instructional techniques when dealing with this counter, so no need to conduct retraining of medical personnel;
    • counter casing is made of a material that is not exposed to the chemical effects of eco-friendly PVC, and special legs provide good fixation of the counter to anyone, even a slippery surface;
    • Use of remote power supply allows you to bring to the body of counter only low voltage of 5.5 V, providing high job security;
    • There is a modification of the counter with battery that provides up to 8 hours of work.

The counter is able to automatically calculate:

      • leukocyte index of intoxication by Kal-Calif and by Reis;
      • reactive response of neutrophils;
      • DASHTAYANTS core index;
      • Index offset leukocytes in the blood;
      • lymphocytic granulocyte-index;
      • leukocyte index;
      • Index of the ratio of neutrophils and monocytes;
      • Index of the ratio of lymphocytes and eosinophils;
      • Index of allergization.