MBA-540 photometer

Registered in the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine.
Included in the Ukrainian Register of measuring instruments.
Manufactured by Meandr NPP, Ukraine.

MBA-540 analyzer is a modern Ukrainian programmable photometer for measurements of blood biochemical substances and allows to make measurements of optical density and concentrations at a wavelength of 540 nm or 620 nm:
– hemoglobin, glucose, total protein, bilirubin, urea, ALAT, ASAT, createnine, alkaline phosphatase, cholesterol and other measuring methods at a wavelength of 540 nm. Required methods list should be specified when ordering the analyzer.
– albumin, protein in the urine with sulfosalicylic acid, protein in the urine with pyrogallol red, calcium, phosphorus, uric acid, and other techniques for measuring at a wavelength of 620 nm.
MBA-540 was developed with the wishes of the Ukrainian laboratory specialists.

Main advantages:

The MBA-540 uses an original method of testing and stabilization of parameters of the optical system, which allows to identify the contamination of the measuring system and to eliminate the effect of component aging. A special algorithm allows to constantly monitor the results, eliminates the influence of erroneous actions of staff. In this case, the device gives an error message or error of calibration measurements. Open sample compartment with the original fixing device simplifies the putting of the cuvette and provides stability and repeatability.