Automatic system for electrophoresis Giant HS

Small size, suitable for small laboratories.

Separation is done on a small acetate membrane, in order to allow the start of measurement even when the minimum number of samples without any additional increase in test costs.

High speed
Distillation system to provide 3-acetate plates during one analytical cycle, and 24 serum samples of proteins. The total time to complete a cycle of about 60 minutes.
Full automation
GiantHS automatically organizes the loading of all reagents to standardize electrophoretic process.
GiantHS – work in a fully automated electrophoretic process, from application of the sample to the membrane to the automatic scanning and archiving of samples with values in graphs protsentah.Prostoe software allows the operator to check the results before saving and printing.
GiantHS controlled by a computer that allows you to enter parameters for the control of the patient data. USB device port provides a fast and reliable connection to the computer.
Suitable for the most common electrophoretic techniques, such as serum proteins and hemoglobins.

Technical specifications: